Visit Visa USA


The USA visa allows visitors to visit the United States for up to six months

Visa for persons who wish to visit the United States more than once, normally fixed at 6 months in a period of time. These visa holders can repeatedly visit the USA without having to apply again for the same visa.All visits are limited to business or tourism, and therefore you can not seek paid work

Two types of visitor visas are B1 (Category) and B2 (Category)
B-1 for Business
B-2 for tourism

It provides the holder with a temporary non immigrant visa that permits him to visit the United States for business and tourism.

Your U.S. visit Purposes:


You take part in US business partners ‘ meetings.
You would like to attend conferences or conventions linked to your scientific,
educational professional or business.
Settle an estate
You’d like to negotiate business contract.


Take an American tour.
Tourism – Take Tour to the United states
Vacation – Spend your holidays in the United States.
Meet your relatives or friends
Get Medical treatment
Attend social activities/events
Take part in sport and music-related events and contests but only if you are not paid.
Participate in sports, musical & contests, but only if you are not paid for it.
Registration in a Short study course, Not for a degree credit
Short study course not for degree credit

How to apply
(B1/B2 VISA)


Complete online Non-Immigrant Visa application form (DS-160).and upload the photo.


Pay the visa application fee.


Schedule your appointment:


Compile your documents


Attend an interview
How long is visa processing for the USA visitors?
You will get the result on interview day
Can my dependent travel on my B1/B2 Visa?

There is no dependent visa on B1/B2, so They also need to obtain the appropriate visas for visitors if you want to travel with your family