Visit Visa Canada


An official visa document issued by a Canadian visa office in your passport, also known as a visitor, shows that you have fulfilled the requirements for admission to Canada as a temporary resident, either Visitor, Worker and student.

Visitor Visa Application Process:

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1. Visiting Purposes | 2. Visa Type | 3. Basic Visa Requirements | 4. Required Documents | 5. How to apply
6. Visa Fee | 7. Processing time

Visiting Purposes:

The following visiting purposes are described:

1. Tourism & Holidays vacations
2. Visiting Family member in Canada (Permanent resident or Canada Citizen or worker/employee or student in Canada)
3. Attend a Marriage of a family member in Canada
4. Attend a Ceremony
5. Meet friends & relatives
6. Business meetings
7. Conference & Convention
8. Exhibitions
9. Seminars
10. Events
11. Ceremony
12. shows
13. medical treatment
14. student dependent
15. short Canada

Visa Type

Single Entry

visa is best suited for people who are planning their first trip to Canada. The holders of such visas are permitted only once in Canada. You must apply for a fresh visa if you intend to visit again.

Single Entry

Multiple Entry Visitor visa for persons intending to visit Canada more than once within a certain time span, normally fixed at 6 months. Such holders of visas can visit Canada repeatedly without applying for the same visa again.

Basic Visa Requirements

Some of the fundamental criteria that an applicant needs to meet before entering Canada on a visa are described below. Before applying for a trip to Canada, the applicant must obtain a temporary resident Visa (TRV). The applicant has to leave Canada and meet the conditions of entry into Canada before the visitor’s visa expires. Proof of residence and maintenance funds should be provided by the applicant The applicant should give substantial evidence that he does not intend to work in Canada for a Visitation Visa period in Canada. The applicant should have no criminal record and is fit to enter Canada on medical grounds Anyone applying for Canadian visa require biometrics from Pakistan

Documents Required

Below are the Canada visa requirements:

Valid Passport
Purpose of Visit
Canada visa application forms (either online application or Paper base)
Letter of Invitation
Cover letter
Bank statement for last six months
Account Maintenance Letter
Property and assets documents
Business documents
Tax Returns for last three years
Chamber of commerce certificate
NOC from employer (if employee)
Salary slips (last 6 months)
FRC (Family Registration Certificate)
Birth Certificate (minor)
Marriage Certificate (if spouse travelling)
Hotel Reservation
Passport size photo with while background.

How to Apply

Before submitting a visa request, it is essential to see the goal of visiting Canada and of preparing supporting documents.
There are two methods to apply for a visitor visa or a visa application for temporary residents in Canada.
1. Submit Online Application
2. Submit Paper Application

Online Application:

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