Business visas USA

There are various groups by which businessmen and investors travel temporarily and permanently to the United States. Below are some of the popular options:

EB-5 Visa

The EB-5 Diversity Investor visa is a visa provides a way for foreigners investing money in the United States to receive a green card. In order to obtain a visa the persons must spend $1 million (or at least 500,000 dollars in a "targeted area of work"–high unemployment or rural) and must establish or retain for U.S. citizens at least 10 jobs, excluding the investor and his immediate family. The EB-5 programme, which promotes development and job creation within the geographical region, also allows for investment in a Regional Center.

E-2 Visa

TheE-2 Investor Visa allows a person to enter and operate in the U.S. using an investment he or she owns, while within the U.S. The visa must be renewed annually, but the number of times you may renew is infinite. The investment needs to be considerable. An investor needs to help the US economy. Currently treaty nations have access to investment visas.