Professional Accelerate Rout (PAR)
Healthcare Professional Training - 8 Weeks

Health and Medical Professional Trainings & internships are extremely useful for people, because they allow you to network with professionals in your field and also to demonstrate your contribution to your future career-not to mention the increase
in your CV. It is important to be able to show true work experience.
In nursing homes, surgery, and hospitals, you may be dealing directly with patients. Whether you want to work with seasoned scientists in laboratories that study allergies, cancers or other diseases, or want to deal with the public directly, there may be medical stages to help you grow your future career.
The nursing sector is one of the most challenging and long-term, sustainable sectors for professional and committed staff. Students are given a comparative advantage over their peers by taking part in nursing training or internships abroad and introducing them to different medical procedures and cultures, as well as by offering them the opportunity to develop their foreign language skills in a particular area. A nursing training or internship abroad is a very important phase in any potential career, both at home and abroad.

8 Weeks Training/Coaching

- Class size (20-25) applicants maximum individual care
- Trained by British Trainers
- Practice test & regular feedback
- Training on international standards for health professionals
- Live mock test
- UK healthcare jargons & terminology
- Awareness of six sigma & lean methodology
- Examination fee included in package
- Free accommodation for 8 weeks
- Course material provided accordingly
- Weekly visit to care homes or hospital
- Post OET exam face to face interview with employer
- Spot job offer
- Training completion certificate provided by QAQF

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