Introduction of Company Registration in Romania

Romania company creation is one of Europe's most attractive locations for foreign investors seeking to start a new business, as the country has a uniform 16 percent profit tax, as well as low incorporation and maintenance costs. A limited liability capital (SRL) must have a minimum share capital of 50 euros.

Why should you start a Company in Romania?

-   A member of the European Union, with a potential consumer base of more than 500 million people.
-  Hundreds of countries have bilateral ties with Romania.
-  Romania has a huge population, which offers a strong market.
-  Romania has a workforce that is affordable.
-  Romania's government has implemented a range of incentives to entice foreign companies.
-  Family settlement options in Europe.
-  Get a world-class educational and health-care infrastructure

Company formation in Romania

Depending on the type of company chosen, certain measures must be followed when establishing a company in Romania. Entrepreneurs may request the formation of various types of businesses in various cities across the country. Preparing a collection of documents to be sent to the Trade Registry in the city where the company will work is one of the first steps in starting a business in Romania. We are a specialist legal company that provides foreign businessmen who need to register a company in Romania with fast, low-cost, and professional Company Formation Services. We guarantee a custom company setup based on the unique business needs of each project, we allow our customers to set up their company online without having to travel to Romania, and we usually complete the company registration process within few working days. What sets us apart from the competition is that we can assist our clients on a 360-degree basis, rather than simply offering business forming services. Our team of lawyers and accountants will be available at any time to provide any customer with legal advice, business advice, tax planning, accounting requirements, market analysis, and even public financial services. We are deeply committed to delivering the best company startup services across the world, based on a detailed understanding of the activities and legal requirements that each individual Customer may have, as we recognise the value of providing sound advice to everyone considering relocating to Romania, the European Union's Tax Heaven. To register a Limited Company in Romania, there are no citizenship restrictions or conditions for Romanian residency. We serve foreign customers and can manage any business structure, regardless of scale.

Steps to open a company in Romania

The most common form of legal entity in Romania is an SRL (Limited Liability Company). This form of business structure can be set up quickly in Romania, usually within 7 working days, if the following steps are followed.

A-   If the decision to establish a business in Romania has been made, the first move is to search for availability and reserve the company's name and logo. The Trade Register and the Romanian State Office for Inventions and Trademarks are involved in this process (if you want to have a trademark).

B-   The next step is to include the required documentation for the Romanian company creation. SRLs are registered with the local Trade Registry Office and may need a variety of documents from the shareholders and managers, including Articles of Association (which must provide relevant information), Affidavits, and Specimen Signatures. If the future shareholders are foreign companies, their registration documents will be required by the Romanian Trade Register as proof of their existence. An entrepreneur may create a business in Romania and either visit the country or delegate authority to a representative from our firm through a Power of Attorney.

C-   It is important to open a bank account and subscribe for the minimum share capital (around 70 EUR). This service covers both the initial share capital account and a separate current account for continuing operations. You can open both types of Romanian bank accounts without having to be physically present in Romania.

D-   Provide a business office for the sole purpose of registration (virtual office provided by Start Up Romania for 6 or 12 months).If these steps are completed and the registration papers are released, the company is deemed legal and operational.

E-   When forming a company in Romania, the final step is to send the file to the Trade Register and appear before a Trade Register judge for the Romanian company creation.