Work Permit in Croatia

One of the reasons why anyone would want to get a residency permit in Europe is to get a job and work in Croatia.Working in Croatia also helps you to take advantage of all the advantages that come with becoming a member of the European Union.

Work Permit Application

You'll need to apply for a different form of work permit depending on whether you're coming as:

-  an individual with technical skills to work for a Croatian employer.
-  someone who is a new investor .

If you wish to work for a Croatian employer or corporation, you must apply for a work permit, which can be obtained on the basis of a valid business visa or a visa for the purpose of employment. Your potential employer will send your application to the appropriate police administration or police station in the area where the company is located.

Meanwhile, a new investor will apply for a business licence. This permit is given to foreign nationals with permanent residency in Croatia who have a valid business visa and meet the same requirements.

For a work visa, you'll need to have the following paperwork

-   a notary-stamped copy of your passport

-   A letter from the hiring firm describing the job's requirements and why no appropriate Croatian national could be found to fill it

-   The employee's technical qualifications must be shown

-   Certificate of incorporation, work contract, or other proof of the existence of the proposed company (in the case of a new investor)

-   Application form S-1

All necessary documents must be translated into Croatian for the application. In addition, only original or attested copies of documents will be recognised.

Application processing

-   Within 30 days, the majority of applications are processed and completed.

-   Approximately 90% of applications are accepted on the first try; the most common reason for refusal is labour market conditions.

-   It is, however, difficult to refuse a work permit to anyone entering as a company owner.

-   Job permits are only valid for a certain amount of time. If your work permit is about to expire, the employer must submit a renewal application at least 45 days before the   expiration date. Business visas are only valid for one year.

-   Your employer must offer proof of payment of HRK 300 to the Republic of Croatia National Budget account when applying for a work permit at the appropriate police station.