Business visas Canada

The Canadian Corporate Immigration Program welcomes people who wish to go and establish a company in Canada, or who want to be autonomous in Canada. The government operates through IRCC, and as a result of declining labor it is part of the efforts of the Government to promote International Immigration and improve the Canadian economy. The General Start-up Visa Program and the Special Provincial Nominee Program included.

For business Individuals to move to Canada, there are three main routes:

A. Self Employed Category

To qualify under the Self-employed Program for business immigration into Canada, the applicant must prove that they have the social, sport and agricultural background that allows them to work independently while living in their country of origin.The applicant must also, by means of their relevant experience and skills in Canada, be able to make a reasonably large contribution to one of the three fields(Social/Cultural, sport, agricultural) to succeed.

B. Entrepreneur Category

Benefits are encouraged to apply for this immigration flow, because it creating jobs and contributes to the Canadian economy. Successful applicants in Canada may start a business and obtain permanent residence status.

Applicants must be eligible for this program:

Create, purchase or make significant investments in a company in Canada within 2 years of arrival in Canada, which will make a significant contribution to the economy
Participate actively and continuously in business
At least one citizen or permanent resident of Canada is employed

C. Investor/Start-up Category

The foreign investors in Canada are considered a major contributor to the Canadian industry and both the investor and their family have a permanent residence in Canada from this immigration source.Applicants must have accumulated a net amount of at least $1, 600,000 through their own efforts to qualify for the migrate Investor/Start-up Program;