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Located between Asia and Europe and with important neighbors like Russia, Turkey, Armenia and Georgia, and sea exits to the Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan is a democratic republic, with a well-known and rich history, culture, legacy, natural resources like petroleum and gas, a state recognized as one of the oldest in the world. The inheritance and the fast development made Azerbaijan a country with high potential and a stable economy which attracts investors worldwide interested in discovering forceful industries to generate money. Among sectors with full growth potential, we mention the agriculture, the tourism, the petroleum industry, the energy, and manufacturing, where entrepreneurs can establish their companies and activities.

The EB-5 Diversity Investor visa is a visa provides a way for foreigners investing money in the United States to receive a green card. In order to obtain a visa the persons must spend $1 million (or at least 500,000 dollars in a "targeted area of work"–high unemployment or rural) and must establish or retain for U.S. citizens at least 10 jobs, excluding the investor and his immediate family. The EB-5 programme, which promotes development and job creation within the geographical region, also allows for investment in a Regional Center.


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